Informational resources from companies and Youtube Channels to find out more information on AR/VR/XR.

(The list will grow in the coming weeks.)

Immersive Medical YouTube Channel

Nebraska VR Tours

Nebraska Virtual Tours is here to create any 360 tour you would like. We are here to make it easy for you to sell your home, get people to check out your event space in a virtual environment, or create a 360 tour for you to take to the gym.

Contact: [email protected]

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Firework Media Studio

Consulting Studio that specializes in Immersive Virtual & Augmented Reality, 360 Degree Tour Designer, Technology Training, Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography, Videography, and VR/AR Reseller. I have not only designed many website but helped institutions supply their labs with Immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality Equipment and software for simulation training.

Ignite your Light with Firework Media Studio.

Contact: [email protected]

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Innovative SimSolutions

Innovative SimSolutions helps medical professionals learn about simulation and other current topics for promoting excellence in healthcare education. At Innovative SimSolutions we focus on innovative solutions in healthcare

education. Including helping schools, and hospitals incorporate simulation/experiential learning into their education. Meeting the needs of clients who want to open a center and those who want to raise the bar in their program.

Contact: Deb Tauber: [email protected]

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