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Who We Are

Consulting Studio that specializes in Immersive Virtual & Augmented Reality, 360 Degree Tour Designer, Technology Training, & VR/AR Reseller.

We are here to help you create a complete, end-to-end immersive technology plan and implementation process that is right for you.

From hardware to software. We are a value added consulting company that will make emerging and evolving technology seem easy.


My mission is to make it possible for anyone to deploy and take full advantage of emerging Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.


My vision is to create a plan for each client based on their needs. I will conceptualize, produce, and implement immersive & interactive technologies and services in line with your business/institutions objectives.

Our Team


Tess McKinney


Hi, I am Tess McKinney. I have been in the technology field for going on 20 years. I have an Associates Degree in Information Technology from Hamilton College. I have spent the last decade in educational technologies. I have owned a company called Firework Media Studio for the last 18 years, where I have been a technology consultant, trainer, instructional and website designer. I have a huge passion for innovation and feel that I am a forever learner of all things technology. About 7 years ago, I got interested in immersive technologies. I have been using immersive technologies in my various full time roles over the last 5 years. I currently work for the University of Nebraska Medical Center as a Instructional Technologist supporting VR, AR, & XR in Education.

I having also been on a team that supports students building IVR games/simulations with the UNMC College of Nursing.

I am very well connected with many experts and designers in the field of Healthcare Simulation and Immersive Learning. Check out my Linkedin Profile and I hope we can connect and create a plan for your immersive simulation needs.

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